instead, i jotted down things i find joy in

Daily writing prompt
What are you good at?

  • singing ( )
  • dancing
  • laughing with people
  • painting
  • loving
  • talking
  • writing (hello, blog)
  • journal-ing
  • helping people
  • something i am becoming good at – putting myself and my feelings first …
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Things I am learning on my first Solo travel…

everyone is just doing their best

everyone has their own life struggles

everyone is working hard to earn money

everyone is somewhat struggling

everybody is trying their best to find and make their own way..

more of less, all of us are in the same boat

all of us are humans, and we are more similar to each other than different…


i need these affirmations today ~

  • i am one with God in this present moment
  • The answer is within me
  • The answer is Love…
  • i take a deep breath and i relax
  • i am feeling whole in this moment
  • i am feeling whole now
  • i am healthy
  • i am happy
  • i am feeling satisfied
  • i am feeling great
  • i am beautiful
  • i am kind
  • i am present
  • i am feeling relaxed
  • i am feeling calm
  • i am feeling good
  • i am grateful
  • i am smart
  • i am intelligent
  • i am learning my lessons
  • i am centering myself
  • i am taking a deep breath
  • i am feeling peaceful
  • i am forgiving everything now
  • i have forgiven myself
  • i am loved
  • i am worthy
  • everyone is worthy
  • i am divine
  • i am one with God in this present moment
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in case you are interested in experiencing Tibetan Bowls session with me


i just made a new poster for myself. i am really proud of this one.

thank you. have a happy day, you all.

Love Self Love

my soul.

Daily writing prompt
Who would you like to talk to soon?

nowadays i simply wish to come back and connect to my soul.

it just feels whole

not needing anything outside of me…

simply reconnecting to the divine in me

sometimes meditation can be wonderful…

with love.



Daily writing prompt
What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

I cannot lie.

sometimes I lie. out of fear. but otherwise I don’t.


honesty is something that I want to be known for.

I love you all.

Appreciation childhood Love

things i am grateful for.

  • my health
  • my body
  • my mind
  • my subconscious
  • my family
  • God
  • My higher self and the ancestor’s guidance
  • All my friends
  • The money in my account
  • My ability to smile
  • My ability to laugh
  • My Home
  • The place I stay in now
  • Ability to afford the things and food
  • This very moment
  • My many skills
  • Unexpected Guardian angels
  • Peace
  • You , my readers 🙂
  • God….
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new chapter

i feel like i am finally looking forward to a new chapter in life

learning a lot of new stuff…

or rather learning about a lot of things in life

this is a very random post, but i feel like putting it down here

can we talk about our lives in the comment section :).

#lettherebelove #lettherebeforgivenessandpeace

Change Experiment

….. living for myself or others / freedom / finding true self

Daily writing prompt
What does freedom mean to you?


lately i have been pondering over this.

i am paving my own path and the noise inside me gets loud sometimes. the inner critic, or words that someone had told me before.

carving out my own path is always difficult. or maybe not.

i recently realized that if i just listen to the silence, the answer will come to me.

yesterday, i had a very good meditation session.

this morning, i meditated and my inner voice told me this:

“10 voices in my head but i listen to my heart”

easier said that done. i hear: “this is not utopia, my dear, come back to reality”

but WHAT IF?


The word ‘Freedom’ has a different meaning for everyone. i do not think freedom just means leaving one’s place and traveling all over the world. That can definitely mean freedom to a lot of us.

but i think Real Freedom means that i have forgiven myself and others. i have learnt from my mistakes. that i can now finally learn to live my life in peace. or at least try.. we can always try

I would also like to add: Freedom can also mean that we are caring for others, given that at the same time, we are making sure we are sane. nothing wrong with caring for others and also being free.

but personally i think self care is also important.

i think everybody’s point of view matters as per their own perception. like how my opinion is valuable, based on my own view. I have learnt that each one of us is right in our own ways. and nothing can stop that

I am still learning a lot and i will keep writing. thank you for reading


i have a youtube channel. thought i would share?


A prayer for when we are feeling fragile. — 300 words a day

God.We are feeling a little fragile, some of us,from solving big problems,from facing the same small challenge one hundred times in a row,from wanting to rest from trying to focus and finding that it’s harder than we thought,from wanting to be normal and discovering that things never were. Today may we find courage for the […]

A prayer for when we are feeling fragile. — 300 words a day
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things i enjoyed as a kid….

– making people smile

– looking in the mirror and smiling at myself 🙂 at my cute face, making funny expressions

– making everyone laugh around me

– singing songs to my mother and saying cute phrases to my mother

– dancing to a song that would come up on the television

– hugging my father when he would come back home

– simply laughing

– playing with my sisters, brother.

– talking in a cheerful, innocent voice and just wanting to be around others

– not wanting to sleep in the afternoon and trying to move around in bed, in anticipation of when people will wake up.

– laughing.


Direction in Life

What gives you direction in life? The thing that gives me the most direction, or meaning, in life is when I am helping other people. Sometimes I am …

Direction in Life
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i don’t purposely hate. i am changing.

today is my birthday and i want to be a kid again.

what i mean by that is free, loving everyone and smiling at everyone laughing with everyone, enjoying life in this moment, being carefree and not worrying too much. actually a kid doesn’t even worry.

very soon i will share a real life update which will help me process my feelings.

the thing is no one is perfect and everyone is really doing their best as per their knowledge at that moment. likewise, i am just doing the best i can in this moment. so, no need to be hard on myself and others

i came across a very good post recently:

Remember to help each other whenever you are able. Remember everyone is always doing their best, just as you are always doing your best, at every moment, all of the time. Give when you can that little bit of kindness, it could change everything for a person. It could change everything even for you. We are meant to be together. Let’s be together 🤗

the amazing thing about life is that it is always teaching me something and i am just grateful for all the lessons 🙂



Forgiveness I forgive you. I forgive you for all the hurt that you have caused. I forgive you for not being there. I forgive you for me. I forgive …


How should I … ?

love this ❤️


Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

“Treat others, the same as you wanna treat yourself”

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Everything happens for a reason..

no matter how dark it is, it always gets better.

what's today?

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

“everything happens for a reason.” I believe in this quote so and very much. Life has always taught me this thing. No matter how hard your day was no matter how hard life is getting no matter what you are receiving and what you are losing one day you will sit and think that yes it was for a reason because of which I’m here in any position you may be. Everything happens for a reason. Life is uncertain and the uncertainty is good I guess you get to learn so vastly and explore everything in a new manner.

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Live in the present.. — viggiavu

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often? There is a good quote from the movie kung fu panda. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is the only gift you have. That’s why it’s called a present”. The above quote made a huge impact on me and […]

Live in the present.. — viggiavu
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self realization and reflection

– i am still in the process of knowing myself

– i sometimes act out of my old behaviors and patterns

– my past experiences have shaped how I talk and act out. and i am trying to change it little by little. so i don’t hurt myself. or others.

– i sometimes sit with a very serious face and now i realized that i might push people away because of that reason 😛

– during those times i am usually lost in my thoughts or going through some trauma

– knowing myself and changing myself for the better is a life long journey and I think I am starting out. I am actually excited

– Tomorrow is my birthday and I am happy and grateful that I can get to see my 30th/29th birthday because i know seeing the sunrise is a gift.

– also my head is paining because of too much thinking and using the internet for too long, so I will take a break

– I wholeheartedly love our wordpress people community 🤗

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Hi. tibetan bowls sound meditation session :)

Hi everyone. how are you?

so today I wanted to share something.

I recently completed the Sound meditation and sound therapy course.

I recently gave a Tibetan Sound Meditation session to my friends, that I uploaded on my YouTube channel:

My story with sound meditation:

My first encounter with sound meditation was during lockdown back in the year 2021. One day, the company that I worked at, scheduled an online event for us by the sound meditation practitioners at harmonic_hearts .

My experience at the session was pretty good, but I was more intrigued by these huge bowls and unrecognizable sound instruments that I could see in the background. I managed to get their names.

I still could not understand what exactly it was that I had experienced. So what I did was, I went to my office email that spoke about this event. Downloaded the image of the bowls that was shared with us in the email.

I went on Google and searched by image. I then understood that this is called Sound meditation. and learnt more about it…

This is still very new for me. I am just starting out.

I want to get more exposure and currently trying to market this aspect of myself, although it is intimidating, if I am being real.

I think this is a safe space to share this part of me.

although I know that ultimately i would have to spread my word elsewhere.

but i don’t care about tomorrow. I am doing what I can do today.

Thank you for reading.

Please, if you wish to know more about what I do, and/or if you would like to experience a session, please let me know!

you can also mail me :

Have a nice day, all of you 🙂

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You Have No Idea What’s In Store For You – A Poem — Be Inspired..!!

Oh Darling, if only you knew the beautiful things that are in store for you. This next level, it’s waiting for you   Take the next step, and see it through   Be open-minded, and open-hearted too   The blessing will come, not in the form you knew   It’ll ease into your life, without you knowing   Like a […]

You Have No Idea What’s In Store For You – A Poem — Be Inspired..!!
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trust my gut feeling.

Daily writing prompt
Write about a time when you didn’t take action but wish you had. What would you do differently?

there is no particular action that i would point out, but looking back at my life – I have learnt that my intuition is very strong and is always trying to tell me something.

So, how I incorporate this in my present life – I usually sit in silence by myself. It’s difficult in the beginning. but as I go along, the noise gets calmer by the minute – until I can hear the sound of silence. It’s uncomfortable at first, but as the time passes by, it gets peaceful if I have the patience.

In this moment, I usually get the answers..

Very interesting question in the Daily writing prompt. Thank you for the question.

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one of those days…

i love you all.

I recently turned my blog to a premium account. just an update.

lately I have been low and high, trying to know myself better. I am trying not to be so hard on myself. I do everything i can – meditate, journal, engage in my hobbies. but I am also a human. and I fall back into my old, not so favorable patterns.

Last year, 2022 was one of the darkest years of my life. i had depression twice. but there was also light at the end of the tunnel. there were also periods of light in between.

I want this year to be a better year. For me and also others around me.

I have heard somewhere that lessons keep getting repeated unless we learn them. so I am trying my best to learn from my past, take it easy on myself. and be present and focus on healing

I encountered multiple experiences that led to discovering my talents – ukulele and dancing.. I digged deeper into spirituality. something wonderful came out of that void. so I am still thankful for those times.

On my blog, I am planning to share one by one, all of the learnings I have had and I keep having as I go along with you in my journey

I started my wordpress account in 2016 with the pure joy for sharing my feelings through writing.

I want to keep it that way as much as possible. I wish to be authentic and see where it takes me

i was composing this song back in 2017…

I remember interacting with so many bloggers on my posts. I checked some of their profiles, but some of them are not as active as they were. I hope they are doing well

Realness and kindness has always saved me. but I learned a bitter truth/lesson last year – that i should save myself first. i should first be kind to myself. and then do that to others.

i wish my writings help anyone, and i am happy with that

I love you all

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my favorite Rumi quotes

lately, the quotes by Rumi have really lit up my mood..

hope you are having a good day. below, I have complied some of my favorite quotes by the poet Rumi. I love you all.

there is also a quote by Shams-i Tabrīzī , who is said to have inspired Rumi.

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i don’t want to be hateful anymore.

it’s very easy to hate especially if someone has hurt me…intentionally (or not?).

I try my best not to turn it into anger, and instead cry. i know, i should communicate things, but i instead keep it to myself. do not recommend it 😦

lately i have had a big influx of mixed emotions as I am trying to resolve my past traumas. (this word itself gives me a trigger). I am working very hard on my healing journey and give my best to heal myself…. but i am somewhere going wrong as I am getting very angry.

this could also be part of my spiritual awakening / dark night of the soul (anybody else going through this?)

people would advise me go to therapy and i will , when I am able to handle it financially.

anyways, i am done with bitterness. it’s very easy to blame. whenever i get angry, my body hurts and it just makes the problem worse. So I have decided that I will forgive everyone today and love.

Today’s affirmation:

I love myself

I forgive myself

I love others

I forgive others.


I want it to get easier to love than to hate.


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my mother’s unconditional love…

Daily writing prompt
Describe a positive thing a family member has done for you.

in grade 8, i had hurt my ankle with a hairline fracture. my mother would hold my hand my everyday, drop me to school and pick me up from school. While I skipped on one foot while my other would be crepe bandaged. My mother is very pure and unconditionally loves me… Thank you God for blessing me.

I do not have any pictures.

It was 2008.

today my leg is well. thank you God.

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it’s ok to change your mind.

we all go through so many experiences every single day. our opinions may change everyday. our point of views, perspectives, the way we think and feel about things. the internal battles we go through. the affect of something external. the onset of some favorable or unfavorable past memory. or impacted by an act, suddenly or unexpected. or just a random epiphany when we least expect it. or when it just softly passes through us and leaves.

i change my mind very often. i have a change of heart every now and then. i then learn. i live. i make mistakes, i get up – and i continue to live again.

i have realized everything happens for a reason. i do not talk about it openly because it opens a pandora box. it contains my life lessons but at the same time it opens a big box of chocolates. and I am happy with that.

i am not as afraid of low points or rock bottoms as i used to be. i know that the universe is showing me that the better is yet to come. everything is going perfect the way it is. I need to just keep going and trust in God. trust the process and enjoy the process.

last evening i met an old friend of mine. we prayed together and also discussed anxiety. she and her family is so loving.

Hi, who is reading my blog , How are you?

also, if you already have a blog, do you know how i can start earning from my personal blog? i read up online about it but i would be glad if you could help me if it is possible?

Thanks! Love

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✨✨april manifestations✨💛💛

  • I am healthier
  • I am happier
  • Kind to myself first
  • And then kind to others
  • Surrendering to Universe more
  • Inner Peace
  • Understanding myself
  • More forgiving towards myself
  • Healthier relationship with myself and others
  • More at peace with myself and others
  • Placing my mental health as a priority
  • Forgiving others and letting go of unhealthy situations
  • Getting into a happier and healthier place in life
  • More in tune with myself and inner intuition
  • Doing well on my healing journey of old scars and wounds. Healing emotionally
  • Emotionally supporting myself in a healthy, supportive and respectful manner
  • Happy with my life
  • Taking care of myself
  • Emotionally better
  • Believing in myself
  • Discarding old habits and patterns
  • Letting in and welcoming in new healthy and happy habits
  • Experiencing life breath by breath
  • Expressing myself more freely and creatively
  • Smiling more
  • More positive about life in general
  • Doing what I genuinely enjoy from my heart and have fun with it
  • Being happy with being a creative person
  • Being happy with being an artist
  • Focusing more on what is going right and less on what is going wrong
  • Focus on the good and leaving everything that doesn’t make me feel good
  • Knowing my boundaries and maintaining them in a healthy and effortless manner
  • Continuing my faith and thanking God everyday
  • Finding moments of joy in every moment or occasion
  • Into Sound healing only and only if I enjoy doing it and I am having fun
  • Always knowing that the best answer lies when sitting in silence all by myself
  • Love
  • Understanding my mistakes and learning from them
  • Grateful for my Loving mother
  • Blessed to have support from family and amazing friends
  • Blessed to have amazing support system
  • Always being enough
  • Having enough
  • Learning new things and having fun
  • A lot more calm, relaxed, happier, healthier
  • Becoming a better person for myself and others
  • Becoming happier
  • Respecting myself more
  • Being in the present moment and enjoying life
  • Relaxed…
  • And Healed. ❤

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(tips) things that helped me get out of a mental rut today.

this video came in my recommendations today:

as i was almost done writing this post, i happened to listen to another great track :

coming across an old photo of mine. i instantly remembered i was being so anxious at the time. it was February, 2020. I was looking for a new place to move in but I was unable to find any place that suited my needs. I remembering having a breakdown right next to the driver in the cab. luckily, things got better. BUT what would I tell her if I could back to that very day?

I just then realized that I am going through very similar right now! Not exactly the same way but very, very similar. But i have to tell you I am much wiser today, as 3 years have passed before me. SO i decided to immediately pull up my drawing book (i know, I like to write things on my mandala coloring book now). THIS is what I wrote, with a lot of excitement. As if I found a treasure, like a Eureka Moment.

– Look in the Mirror

– Say great things

– Take 10 deep breaths

– Write down all the things she already has

– Journal everything

– Follow your intuition – Very simple.

– You look very beautiful today

– You deserve to be happy and smile.

I did all of these things and it made me a 1000 times better. How are you feeling now? Let’s talk 🙂




i recently let go of my corporate job. if my writings help you in any way, you may support me on these pages if you like:


i am healing the inner child.

Hi. 🙂 how are you? .

i am healing the baby in me. i am excited for this journey. ^_^

Who is with me? let’s do it together 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿

some recent videos i came across:

meditation for healing the inner child:

video on 5D world:

sending love and best wishes to you. ❤


things that pull me out of rock bottom

– Avoiding my phone. listening to my body. As hard as it is, paying attention to my body sensations, triggers, thoughts, emotions.

– The rice experiment I recently did really changed my way of thinking.

I started saying nice things to myself. I have post-its of good words stuck on my room wall.

I started writing down positive affirmations and read them loud.

– Created a twitter account and started following positive accounts. to be honest, i also follow some astrology accounts that give some positive assurance about how wonderful my life is going to be. it just gives me a lot of hope and I automatically start feeling good. it all impacted me when I saw how the love words and hateful words made an impact on the rice. so i thought i will try and see how it impacts my mood and others’ mood!

– This guy’s tweets – they are everything.

– Taylor Swift – Clean Speech. 1989 –

– This album – Blinkers Removed. Said to follow the 432hz tuning principle. This literally saved me.

– some powerful songs that help me get out of a dark place:

This song saved my life by Simple Plan
Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin
Fly by Hilary Duff
You Can Cry by Marshmello x Juicy J
I am alive by JJ Lin & Jason Mraz
Snow (Hey Oh) by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

btw guys, i am on pateron and buymeacoffee. just putting it out here.

Thank you.


how do i really feel today.

somewhere between feeling successful and feeling lost
somewhere between feeling relaxed and feeling agitated
somewhere between feeling confident and feeling confused
somewhere between feeling happy and feeling low
somewhere between feeling passionate and feeling totally lost
somewhere between feeling completely moved on and going back to the same thoughts
somewhere between feeling content and sometimes doubting
somewhere between feeling stable and feeling unsure
but i know that all of these feelings are normal. i am a human

affirmations time 💫

Hi everyone. How are you?

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excerpt from my journal today – what i would say to my younger self.


I am safe. Telling myself that it is okay to cry. It is okay to laugh. It is okay to be here and now. It is okay to start over again. It’s okay if you have mistakes and learn from them. It’s okay, because we are humans. It is okay if something happens, it all part of the human experience. Life always teaches me something.

There is always something to learn

Things that I would say to my baby version:

  • You are amazing, beautiful
  • You are whole at this moment
  • You are the most beautiful baby I have ever seen
  • Always remember, you are loved and cared for
  • I am so glad that you are living this beautiful life

what a beautiful day

i would love to talk to whoever is reading this 🙂

let’s talk and share our feelings..

how are we feeling, today?

Comment on my post.. let us talk…

Change Life Mental Health

so my life has changed …

Hi there,

I wish to add an update on my blog..

I recently let go of my previous day job – To pursue my heart….

It was a tough decision.. but after having thought about it for almost 2 years, the decision felt more like a needed choice. I had to go through multiple ups and downs in my life to realize all this…

I will miss all the good things, but it is now time for a new start

some of my current interests include the guitar, ukulele, video recording myself, walking, taking care of myself.

i do not want to put down everything here, as I might start overthinking about it later (so I am not doing it).
ONE thing that has really changed things for me is Journaling

I recently did a rice experiment where we say different words to different bowls of rice and see the effects of it. I will write more about it later. The rice that I gave love to, remained almost white and the rice that I hated, became very yellow.

So I thought, why not change the words that I speak to myself and others? I started these affirmations daily.

For all of us, I will put below the affirmations from my journal from today. I hope this helps you.

Let me know how your day is going.


I am whole
I am talented
I am kind to myself and others
I am happy
I am healthy
I am present
I am energetic
I am creative
I am open to love and good things
I am good
I am great
I am beautiful
I am pretty
I am smart
I am intelligent
I am wonderful
I am miraculous
I am smiling
I am laughing
I am enjoying
I am already complete
Now, I forgive everything
I forgive you
l am already whole
I already AM.


it gets better…

hi, whoever is reading this: I love you. It always gets better. God Bless You.


who is that (to my higher self)

who is that

who is wiser

happier now

learning more

more intelligent


a more healed version

lover of all

who believes in oneness

loves her own heart and others’ heart

makes peace with her heart and others’ hearts

choosing love over anything else

keeps smiling and let others smile

spreads only love

loves her family

loves her true friends

says ‘thank you’ to everyone 🙂

i love you.

(i will write more on my spiritual path soon.. Hope all of you are amazing.


I think I found my balance

All the pain was worth it….

All the breakdowns was worth it….

All tears were worth the time

All my struggles had to happen to experience this beautiful transition in my life…

I am so much more happier than I was…..

It was worth it.

Somehow, everything worked out for me

Next week, I am going to visit my sister. Life is good.

Cannot overthink anymore…..

Just Being in the moment and taking it second by second : )


Love and Forgiveness is the Answer <3

Inspiration >>


today is beautiful.

Hello! How are you today